I began my video career during my sophomore year in high school after my family bought a video camera as a family Christmas present. Until then I did not know what career path I was going to pursue. As soon as we opened the video camera and I tried it for the first time I knew I had found my future. I spent all my extra time playing with the camera and reading every magazine article I could about video production and movie making. Especially the ones focusing on special effects.

My high school was fortunate enough to have a small video production program and I enrolled in the beginning class my junior year and the advanced class my senior year. During my senior year I was named producer of my high school's first video yearbook. I spent much of the year gathering footage from every school event imaginable and sent it off to a company to be edited into a 45 minute retrospective of our senior year.

During my senior year I received my acceptance letter to my first choice, Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. I entered that fall and graduated in 4 years with a BA in Television and Radio Production. While at Pepperdine I spent as many hours as I could at the campus televison station. While there I worked on The Last Word, Backstage Pass, several NCAA basketball games and several other live-to-tape productions.

After graduation I landed my first job with CurtCo Media Group, just down the road from Pepperdine. I quickly turned my internship position into a full-time position as an editor and graphic designer. After several years, our department was spun off into it's own company, Malibu Studios. I edited countless soundtrack commercials for Hollywood Records including Varsity Blues, Parent Trap and The Waterboy and numerous country music commercials for Curb recording artists Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes and Sawyer Brown. In all I spent 7 years with the company and worked for clients ranging from THX to Yamaha Pianos to Emmy award-winning director, Michael Lembeck.

After 7 years with Malibu Studios, I moved a mile down the road to Crosscreek Entertainment where I spent the next 6 months. I worked as an editor and graphic designer on projects for SONY pictures, DIC entertainment and Lions Gate Films. I spent much of my time editing trailers for DIC Home Entertainment cartoons including Action Man, Sonic the Hedgehog and Madeline. I also worked on several international movie trailers for SONY Pictures Black Hawk Down, Rollerball and Not Another Teen Movie.

In 2002, tired of the long hours and high housing prices I moved my family to the Pacific Northwest. I stumbled on a listing for a teaching position and the rest is history. For the past 5 years I have taught Beginning and Advanced Video Production at Battle Ground High School in Battle Ground, WA. For the past 2 years the program has run it's own local cable channel airing football and basketball games, wrestling matches and choir and band concerts.

I love what I do and where I am. I love watching students bring knowledge from their other classes and applying it to real-world situations in the studio and in the edit room. My vision is to help students achieve their creative potential and utilize the knowledge gained in other classes in real-world situations.

-Mr. Foster