Battle Ground Television


We are very fortunate at Battle Ground High School to have our own local cable channel on the local Comcast cable system. A signal is broadcast from our studio 24 hours a day to the city of Battle Ground.

Broadcasts over the last 3 years include football games, volleyball games, boys and girls basketball games, wrestling matches, choir concerts, band concerts, the Mr. Battle Ground competition, In the Spotlight as well as our Morning Announcements 4 times a week.

After a year under the name BGN (Battle Ground Network) we returned to our much beloved name BGTV last year along with a brand new logo.

We also started our own version of podcasting called "Pawcasting" for our boy's baseball team. We were not able to broadcast the game on our channel due to constraints with our baseball fields but fans are able to hear the play-by-play on the internet the evening of home games. Sophomore Courtney Parrish brings you the play-by-play. You can subsribe to our sports pawcast in the iTunes music store. Click here and either listen to a game or subsrive to the pawcast and when we add new games they will download directly to iTunes for you.

When not broadcasting local events we rotate through the daily bulletin to give the community a sense of what is going on in the life of Battle Ground High School. We hope to add more broadcasts this year and possibly our own version of MTV's "Unplugged" and ESPN's "Sportscenter". Who knows what we'll come up with.