BGTV Programs

Morning Announcements (MA)

The Advanced Video Productions class produces a live 5-minute news program every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:30-9:35. The show brings the campus and surrounding community up-to-date on all the school happenings, sports schedules, concerts, club meetings, college visits and anything else of importance to the campus.

BGTV Sports

You'll think you're watching ESPN or Fox Sports when you tune in to one of our sports broadcasts. We utilize 4 Sony studio cameras, crowd and field/court micrpohones, the same on-air graphics program used by the big boys and student commentators to bring you the best high school sports coverage in Clark County. Due to venue constraints we are not able to cover every sport but we do broadcast a selection of football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and wrestling matches.

Arts Showcase

Did you miss a choir or band concert during the year? Catch a replay of the concert on BGTV and experience our award-winning music groups up-close and personal.

To see when a program airs check the schedule page.